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Tidelines in Textile (1) – developing a collection

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So, this is what I’ve been up to recently – which seems a fairly reasonable excuse for not having blogged for a while?!

This is the first of my planned new series of blog posts to document the process of developing two new collections of textile and mixed media art; “Tidelines in Textile” and “Pearls of Wisdom”.

The reasoning behind the blog series is threefold;

1. To rationalise the somewhat chaotic creation process I am currently experiencing and to document the ebb and flow of both collections (pun intended). It is a maelstrom (again intended) of ideas, setbacks, finances, time, dreams and reality checks. The target is at least two exhibitions and/or trade events before a year is out next spring.

2. To prevent me from talking to the Wall whilst retaining my sanity. I’m convinced the Wall will be more than a little relieved if I also explain stuff to others once in a while. It is a well documented phenomena that artists are at risk of becoming recluses, slink away for unhealthy periods of time, don’t eat, and don’t sleep, becoming either obsessed or lonely or worse. I am determined to avoid this …. So, Wall-Blog, Blog-Wall. Introductions over.

3.  Most of all it would be great to get some good honest fruitful feedback. As an artist in the process of throwing off the corporate slave shackles, it is becoming clear I am in for an interesting and stimulating ride. If nothing else, this blog series will quietly document both highs and lows, aim to encourage others to take the risk whilst, hopefully, learning from the many mistakes I know I will make….presented in hindsight it should help others avoid them!

The series will be something akin to an artists notebook but evidently in digital format! Mostly because I travel a lot with my day job…I already cart around a real book (not a kindle type of girl me), a retro (slab-size) laptop, the corporate ‘meetings’ notebook…blahblahblah…I simply don’t have enough hands.

So, this particular luxury silk and wool scarf is called ‘Tideline” (the original), influenced directly by the glistening of seaweed and water at the turning of the tide on the pristine white sands found around the West Coast of Scotland.

A growing number of collection textile and mixed media pieces will be appearing here and for sale in my  Folksy Shop over the coming months so if you’re interested in buying, stocking, exhibiting, collaborating or simply appreciating please do take a look. My canvases are also to be found both there and here.

As I currently only have a boring basic WP account, any videos will be uploaded to the FaceBook page and linked here….who knows, if I get any feedback I may upgrade instead of breaking the bank monthly with addictive purchases of silk/paint/canvas/wool/beads/threads …..*delete as the pennies allow….oh yes, also now found on Pinterest

Hope you enjoy this series as it unfolds….

Below: Detail from “Tideline”


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