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Time-lapse of “Gardener’s Worlds”

A bit cheesy, more than a little amateur … but, from a whole bunch of crappy photos, a totally cool time-lapse of how the “Gardener’s Worlds” canvas was created!

I currently don’t have VideoPress(!) so, if the embed doesn’t work, follow the link on the right to my Facebook page.


“Celestial Navigation”

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"Celestial Navigation"

Better photo as promised
Original. 80cm x 100cm. Mixed Media Canvas
Inspired by the art of celestial navigation, the history of the sextant and the discovery of measuring both latitude AND longitude on the open ocean.

“Sea of Dreams”


Inspired by the historic town of St Andrews on the east coast of Fife, Scotland, where the students chase their dreams at the University of St Andrews like the sailboats in the bay.

“Heart Strings” (SOLD)

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Personalised commission for a couplels ‘love story’ ~ she is a yoga teacher who has survived several heart surgeries ~ he is a writer and musician ~ the coil of guitar string flowers are symbolic of how he has wrapped her up in his love ~ the tibtan village on the terraced mountainside symbolises her beliefs ~ their union is represented by the intertwined rings within a sea of many fishes from which they will now flow into their futures together….